Developer Waste Recycle System

McLantis is manufacturer of developer recycle machine | developing waste recycle machine

1. McLantis developer waste recycle system can effectively remove the impurities in the developer. The developer liquid is no longer sticky. And the developer replenisher fully dissolved , to extend the life of the developer.

2. The roller and brush no longer crystallizes so that there will be no scratches caused by the developing. It Improves production efficiency and reduces failure caused by plates.

3. Automatic monitoring conductivity, PH value, temperature, etc., to facilitate control of the developer liquid.

4. McLantis developer waste recycle system extends the life of the processor, prevents pipe blockage and improves the processing capacity.

5. Dark, alkali waste treated by McLantis developer waste recycle system can fully meet environmental draining standards. The draining will be a pure and neutral. It is in full compliance with green printing requirements.

6. Water recycle. 60% of water consumption in a printing press is the developing plate washing.  McLantis developer waste recycle system can collect the wastewater and reuse. 

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