Drying Oven for Screen Printing Frame

McLantis is manufacturer of screen frame oven | screen plate oven | screen stencil oven

McLantis dryer is specially design for drying process of screen frames making: dry up after coated with photo sensitive emulsion; drying up after wash away developing agent; or fix not well covered emulsion dry up, etc. As well as dry the inks up, With excellent performance in well-distributed temperature when drying, specially for precise drying for the surface of mesh on the screen frames. It also can used to dry aluminum box in fresh grass/feed, temperature can be adjustable. 


1. Well-distributed drying temperature
2. Steel board treating, strong & light
3. Layering design, easy for drying couple of screen frames drying up
4. Infrared heating, high efficiency, heat easy to concentrate
5. Easy to operate, low cost






220V AC

Lamp type

Common quartz lamp

Quantity of inner shelf


Power of draught fan

35W x 2pcs

Temperature range

30 - 120 degrees Celsius

Max. Drying area

800 x 1000mm (customized size)

Machine dimension

1200 x 900 x 1000mm

Packing dimension

1300 x 1000 x 1200mm

Net weight


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