Negative PS plate

McLantis is manufacturer of negative plate | negative offset printing plate | negative offset plate | negative conventional plate

1. Fast Exposure Speed for Easy Plate Making  
McLantis negative conventional PS plate can be developed by weak alkali developer to ensure the fast developing speed. No need for retouching so as to save time and labor. 

2. Excellent Resolution and Dot Reproduction  
McLantis’ unique photosensitive coating consists of world’s first class photographic emulsion and resin, which offers outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitivity and increased adjusting flexibility. McLantis’  unique photosensitive coating ensures McLantis conventional PS plate of unmatched resolving ability. 

3. Superior Ink Receptivity and Ink-water Balance on Press 
Excellent water reception capability speeds up the ink-water equilibrium procedure and helps to reduce water absorption during printing process. McLantis’  superior water retaining capability do effectively prevents non-image areas of the plate from scum and avoids paper distortion. 

4. Longer Impression 
The photopolymerization system of McLantis negative conventional PS plate ensures the long-run impression as high as 200,000.

5. Suitable for Common Ink and UV Ink Without Baking 


McLantis Negative Conventional PS Plate


0.15 - 0.40mm

Spectral Sensitivity

380 - 420 nm

Exposure Energy

150 mj/cm2


2% - 98% at 175 lpi

Run Length

200,000 - 300,000

actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper condition.

Recommended Developer

McLantis developer or Kodak developer

Protection Gum

suitable to any PS plate protection gum

Developing Temperature

20 - 25 degree Celsius

Developing Time

25 - 35s

Developer Concentration

powder to liquid =1:2

Safe Light


Shelf Life

10 months under recommended storage conditions (10-30 degree Celsius, relative humidity: 40%-70%, stacking height less than 1.5 meter)


available in all standard formats including bulk packaging options:

0.15mm, 100 sheets per carton

0.30mm,  50 sheets per carton

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