Thermal CTP Plate

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1. User Friendly
McLantis thermal CTP plate is able to work under white light and does not require pre-heating.

2. High Resolution
McLantis’ unique ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of binding polymers, in the coating offer fine dots with sharp edges and reproduce images with rich tone. The aluminum matrix of compound grain molybdenum structure technology ensures 1-99% microdot reproduction.

3. Excellent Hydrophilicity
Hydrophilic treatment and post anodizing treatment of McLantis positive thermal CTP plate provide excellent water retaining capability at the non-image area and prevent scumming.

4. Multi-grains Structure
The multi-grains structure of McLantis positive thermal CTP plate improves water retaining capability and keeps ink-water balance optimally.


McLantis positive thermal CTP plate


0.15 - 0.40 mm

Spectral Sensitivity

830 nm

Exposure Energy

110 - 130 mj/cm2


1% - 99% at 250lpi

FM Capability

20 um

Run Length

100,000 - 200,000

actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper condition.

Recommend Developer

McLantis developer or Kodak developer

Protection Gum

recommended to use 140G protection gum

Developing Temperature

22 - 24 degree Celsius

Developing Time

25 - 35s

Replenishment Rate

100 ml/sqm

Baking Preparation

applied any suitable plate baking gum

Baking Temperature

stand oven: 220 - 230 degree Celsius for 5 minutes

online oven: 240 degree Celsius for 4 minutes

Run Length after Baking


Safe Light

daylight handling

Shelf Life

12 months under recommended storage conditions (10 - 30 degree Celsius, relative humidity: ≤65%, stacking height ≤ 1.5 meter)

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